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    Level I Short Course Area of Focus - May 14, 2022

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Michael Harlow

USA Triathlon Level III and Youth & Junior Certified Coach

Michael is the head coach of the Endorphin Fitness Junior Elite High Performance Team which has consistently placed in the top 5 nationally for the past 6 years and the Endorphin Fitness youth team which won the national championship in 2017. Michael has coached hundreds of athletes from age 5-75 across all levels and overseen the coaching of thousands of athletes by his staff. He has taken athletes from beginner to top honors at National & World Championships. Michael’s success lies in his ability to motivate and communicate knowledge effectively across all levels. Michael was awarded the 2012 Youth Developmental Coach of the Year from USA Triathlon. In 2018, Michael was honored with the nomination as the US coach for the Youth Olympic Games in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Justin Trolle

USA Triathlon Level III Certified Coach

Justin is a highly accomplished professional coach with over 25 years experience in triathlon and multisport. He has coached international elite athletes in New Zealand and the United States including Greg Billington, Erin Storie and Sarah True. He is a leader in the areas of training plan design, youth and junior development, coaching education, and video analysis and its practical application. Justin is the head coach for the Pikes Peak Athletics Triathlon and Multisport Program in Colorado Springs, CO. He is also the founder and CEO of Vanguard Endurance which provides personal coaching for individual athletes from youth to masters as well as educational mentorship program for coaches around the country. Justin holds degrees in Exercise Sports Science and Marketing from the University of Otago in New Zealand and as subsequently awarded the Prime Minister's Scholarship in 2005 to study coaching education and systems throughout the world.