RECORDED: January 2020


This webinar will give you a detailed report about the transition area for any kind of paratriathlete. If you are unfamiliar with the USAT or ITU rules for paratriathlon transition area behavior, or if you want to assist athletes with certain impairments learn the most efficient way through TA, this webinar is for you. There will be a deep dive into TA strategies for wheelchair, ambulatory, visually impaired, and PC Open athletes, as well as a rules refresher for transition area and classifications. Additionally this webinar will include education on swim entrance/exit approaches, as well as handler/volunteer allocations and actions.

Meet Stacee Seay

Stacee Seay

Stacee is a USA Paratriathlon, Triathlon, Cycling and Swim Smooth Certified Coach. As a lifelong athlete she has competed in cycling and triathlon. She has been working with and coaching competitive and recreational athletes since 2008. Stacee is the Head Coach for Dare2tri and owner of Handcycle Chicago. She has been instrumental in the growth and coaching in the sport of Paratriathlon since its inception and introduction as an Olympic sport. Stacee runs Power based Computrainer Classes in and around the Chicagoland area where she uses her knowledge of training and racing with power to increase speed and power output of athletes in the sport of cycling. Stacee’s coaching philosophy is based on passion for her athletes, love of the sport and helping her athletes stay healthy and train smart while creating balance in their lives.

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