RECORDED: January 2020


Learn everything you need to know about visually impaired athlete and guide techniques, equipment, and relationships from the most decorated VI paratriathlete in the world, Aaron Scheidies. You will gain knowledge of the specific techniques it takes to be a paratriathlon guide, as well as how to coach a visually impaired athlete. Take a deep dive into each aspect of the swim, bike, run, and TA, as Aaron lays out all of his expert knowledge on the subject.

Meet Aaron Scheidies

Aaron Scheidies

Beginning with sprint triathlon and continuing up the triathlon pyramid, Aaron is now a eight-time triathlon World Champion and nine-time National Champion, having traveled around the globe competing in over nearly 200 triathlons. In 2005, Aaron teamed up with four other blind individuals to conquer the world’s single most grueling event, the Ironman triathlon (2.4mi Swim, 112mi Bike, 26.2mi Run) on the legendary Couer d’Alene course. Just as he is a multi-dimensional athlete, he also excels in all aspects of life. At Michigan State University Aaron had a perfect 4.0 GPA, was the president of the MSU Triathlon Club, volunteered over 100 hours helping other students with disabilities and was inducted into the Athletes with Disability Hall of Fame. He graduated with a BS in Kinesiology from MSU and in July 2008 completed his Doctorate of Physical Therapy from the University of Washington going on to work as a therapist for Rehab Care. In 2011, Aaron continued to be honored for his excellence as he was a finalist for an ESPN ESPY Award for Best Athlete with a Disability. He was also selected by the president of Michigan State University as a Distinguished Young Alumni at the Grand Awards Ceremony. Both of these honors rank at the highest level in their respective areas. Aaron continues to excel and positively impact the lives of others through his passion and positive spirit.

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