RECORDED: September 18, 2020


A brief overview of optimal intra-training and racing nutrition practices and principles followed by an in-depth dive into how to think critically to right the course on the fly, when nutrition and hydration may have fallen by the wayside. Topics covered include the various nutritional and physiological factors to consider that might affect gut distress prevalence and severity, the ability to absorb gut contents in the future, and performance. Specific discussion is given to carbohydrate, fluid and electrolyte concentrations, consumption rates, and how they interplay with the various facets of a training session or race, as well as how to manipulate these variables opportunistically, to you and your athlete’s advantage.

Meet Dr. Alex Harrison

Dr. Alex Harrison

Owner, Excelerate Sport LLC

Dr. Alex Harrison holds a PhD in Sport Physiology and is currently the lead endurance sport performance consultant for Renaissance Periodization. A former instructor of exercise physiology and structural anatomy, and former NCAA track and field coach, he has since amassed experience working with over 900 clients one-on-one, including Olympic medalists and youth athletes, professional triathletes and first-timers, Olympic hopefuls, NCAA All-Americans and newbie runners, high-level fitness sport competitors and first-time gym-goers. His expertise as a coach and nutrition expert has been called upon by MSN, Healthline, Self, Shape, Men’s Journal, POPSUGAR, and Runner’s World. He is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS), a Level 3 USA Track and Field coach and certified Level 1 USA Track and Field instructor, certified USA Weightlifting coach, Level I USA Triathlon Certified Coach. He and his wife, Michelle Howe, cofounded and ran Excelerate Sport, a sport performance training facility for youth in Snohomish, WA. He is also a former member of Team USA and World Championship competitor as a bobsledder, an NCAA DII All-American in decathlon and javelin, and now competes in triathlon and is a Category 3 racer in road cycling.

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