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Michelle Lake

Michelle (Shelly) Lake, a former collegiate swimmer and conference champion at the United States Naval Academy (Class of 1998), has been a USAT Level 2 Endurance Coach since 2013 and a USAT Level 1 Coach since 2010 after starting triathlon and road running races in 2006. Michelle owns Fiv3 Racing – a coaching company with 45+ athletes but also one of the biggest triathlon teams in the Washington DC area with close to 100 Team members. In early 2022 Coach Michelle started a new endeavor, Coach Michelle Lake, specializing in teaching other endurance (Triathlon, Running, Cycling, Swim) coaches how to run a profitable business while navigating from hobby coaching to part-time and then to full-time businesses. She leads a group/1:1 coaching program where she teaches and mentors coaches in marketing, content creation, building community, offer generation, pricing and time management – essentially how to grow coaching businesses while saving time and gaining profitability. Lastly, Coach Michelle is also an Executive Director at First Bourn, where she helps coaches/clubs develop training camps at the amazing First Bourn locations along the Blue Ridge Parkway of Virginia and North Carolina. She helps coaches and group leaders set up camps that are affordable to athletes while also being profitable for coaches