Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to the CRO Officials Toolkit!

    • CRO Officials Toolkit Introduction

    • USAT Officials Program Manual 2021.v6 (1)

  • 2

    CRO Officials Program Supplemental Forms and Documents

    • CRO Officials Program Supplemental Forms and Documents

  • 3

    USAT Rule Resources

    • 2020 USAT Competitive Rules

    • USAT AG Pre-Race Rules Briefing

    • World Triathlon Non_Traditional or Unusual Bikes Approved to be used in WT Draft-Illegal Competitions

    • World Triathlon Non-Traditional & Unusual Bicycles Form

    • USAT AG Pre-Race Rules Briefing.pdf

    • 2020 USAT Competitive Rule Changes with higlights

    • USAT Most Commonly Violated Rules

    • USAT Message to Elite Atheltes from the Head Official

    • USAT AG Message from Head Referee

  • 4

    CRO Officials Documents

    • Violation Reporting Standards

    • Violation Report

    • Officials Record Template

    • CRO Head Referee Report

    • 2021 Officials Stipend and Reimbursement Form

    • CRO Program Post Race Evaluation Form

    • Protocol for Reporting Fatality or Life Threatening Incidents

    • Officials Spotlight Template

    • Motorcycles used for Officiating

  • 5

    Officials Compliance Documents

    • The USAT National Officials Program Polices and Procedures for Disciplinary Action (PPDA)

    • SafeSport Training New and Refresher Course

    • OFFICIALS - NCSI self registration letter

    • USAT Background Check Policy

    • USAT Officials Program Social Media Guidelines