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Carrie Barrett

Carrie Barrett has been immersed in the multisport community for over two decades, having completed her first triathlon in 2002. She’s been a USAT certified coach and, most recently, completed her USAT Officials certification. Barrett is a longtime podcast host and producer, having worked on The Purple Patch Podcast with Matt Dixon, The PLANTSTRONG Podcast with Rip Esselstyn, and several Feisty Media Podcasts including Hit Play Not Pause, Girls Gone Gravel, If We Were Riding, The Women’s Performance Podcast and others. She also hosts and produces her own show called, “I Could Never Do That.” In addition to audio production, Carrie is also an occasional freelance writer for, although her writing spans several years with Austin Fit Magazine,,, and more. She splits time between Austin and Bend, doing all the things.