Course curriculum

    1. USA Triathlon Polarized Training Certification, Powered by Fast Talk Laboratories

    1. An Introduction to the Polarized Training Method

    2. The Genesis of Dr. Seiler's Research

    3. The Science That Led to Polarized Training

    4. How to Get the Greatest Gains

    5. Real-World vs. the Lab

    6. How to Structure Polarized Training

    7. The Physiological Zones of Polarized Training

    8. Introduction to Polarized Training - Knowledge Check

    1. The 80/20 Principle

    2. Dr. Seiler on the Benefits of Zone 1

    3. How is Polarized Training Different from Other Training Methods?

    4. Polarized vs. Sweet Spot Training

    5. Polarized vs. Pyramidal Training

    6. Dr. Seiler's Philosophy on High-Intensity Training

    7. The Structure of Polarized Training - Knowledge Check

    1. Why Stress Matters

    2. Understanding Stress and Its Impact on Your Athletic Potential

    3. The Stress Response

    4. Allostasis and Adaptation

    5. Training Stress

    6. Managing Stress

    7. How to Use HRV Data to Determine Stress

    8. External Load vs. Internal Response

    9. Understanding the Impact of Stress - Knowledge Check

    1. Intensity Distribution

    2. Where Athletes Go Wrong

    3. Dr. Seiler's Three Keys to Training Success

    4. How to Manage Training Distribution - Knowledge Check

    1. Dr. Seiler's Formula for Polarized Training

    2. Polarized Training Science vs. Practice

    3. How Polarized Training Changes Over a Season

    4. How the Polarized Method Brings Order to Triathlon Training

    5. Shifting Ratios

    6. Creating Sustainable Development

    7. The Cross-Training Effect

    8. How to Polarize Cross-Training

    9. Training Distribution

    10. Determining Your Ideal Training Distribution

    11. How to Polarize Triathlon Training - Knowledge Check

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Get certified in the polarized training method.