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Chris Kaplanis

Chris Kaplanis is the co-founder of RTA Triathlon and has been coaching triathlon professionally with his wife for 11 years. RTA is based in Ridgewood, NJ and works with athletes locally and from across the country, virtually and in person. His typical clients include executives, entrepreneurs, highly trained professionals and celebrities with extraordinary goals, but limited time. Over the years, Chris has trained and educated 1,000's of age group athletes through training programs, 1 on 1 instruction, camps, clinics and webinars helping them become faster, fitter and in position to be successful on race day. Chris is a goal oriented and results driven coach who values clear communication, balance, perseverance and determination. Certifications: USAT Level 2E, USA Cycling Level 2, USA Track & Field Degree: Penn State University, B.S.