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Katie Godec

Katie is a seasoned marketing professional with over 10 years of experience in fitness/sports, outdoors, skincare, apparel, food & beverage, and wellness media. She manages a diverse portfolio of athlete, celebrity, and influencer media - with recent interviews including Ironman World Champions Kristian Blummenfelt & Gustav Iden. Katie has competed in full distance and 70.3 triathlon events, 50k ultramarathons, sky races, long course swim, run, and open water events all across the globe. She enjoys blending her digital marketing experience with her passion for fitness & endurance sports to bring a more meaningful, impactful approach to marketing in the world of triathlon. FUN FACT: Katie owns an outdoor apparel company called ALDRI SUR (Norwegian for Never Angry) and has extensive experience in manufacturing & launching physical brands for celebrities.

Paul Hekemian

Paul Hekimian is forward-thinking, multifaceted entrepreneur and consultant who has built and supported businesses, charities, and individuals by pushing boundaries, creating value, and inspiring optimism. He has a talent for taking calculated risks and forming rock-solid partnerships to affect change and help people and brands achieve greatness. From bikinis to bees to beachbound athletes, Paul is fueled by passion and driven by performance.